Little to Say

A blog of my mostly current photographic endeavors and fortune cookie wisdom candid observations about food, knitting, nature and life.

I'm employing an old school approach with a DSLR camera. Other than an occasional cropping I do not sweeten, improve, color adjust or tweak the images in any software-y post-production kind of way.

Also, you can Google follow or request an automatic email with the new picture when the blog gets updated.  For the most part, that is Monday through Friday with an occasional hiccup here or there. There is also an RSS link ( if you prefer. 

Oh, and if you are asking yourself, RSS wha?  Here is where you can find an answer to that question:


  1. OK! Ms. Alywit...These are great and you should be putting them out there.I am going to pin my favorites. You have so much talent and I also love your short and sweet captions. Go for it.You will be happy when the boys are older and you have something to do. and if you lived closer I would have you take all my photos because I suck at that! But I think I'm getting better.Can I put them on my blog? Thank you for sharing them with me!

  2. ll these years and I never knew the tin foil trick with the menorah. I light at least 12 menorahs every night and it takes me forever to clean them! And your site won't let me pin this great tip. Not to mention the beautiful photo!


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